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The Crafty Marketers Community

Who is a Crafty Marketer?

Crafty marketers are value and brand driven creative marketers that are looking to grow, share, and network.

C reative (we literally can’t live without it)

R eliable (we care about what we offer)

A uthentic (we keep it real)

F earless (we ain’t scared of no ghost)

T houghtful (we care about other marketers)

Y ielding (we drive results)

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Why Crafty?

We made crafty marketers with very specific intentions in mind: to help marketers in their day-to-day be better marketers, and to be able to share information and ideas easily.

Most importantly, crafty marketers remains a free to join community, because our goal was to ensure that marketing community building remain free, resourceful, and of high quality.

So get in on the ground level!

Brought to you by the home of better marketing.